Horizontal Inline-Type Sputtering Equipment SPL-H Series
The horizontal inline type mass production sputtering equipment can handle with large substrate.

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  • The optimized equipment design for deposition up and deposition down method.
  • this can achieve the high-precision film thickness uniformity and high rate by unique cathode system.
  • Long-term stable operation by full automatic.
  • This can handle with small substrate or various shapes of substrates by using transfer tray.
  • Option:Cylindrical cathode

Spec example SPL-H

Equipment constitution
LL/UL, Pre-treatment tray, Roller transfer method
Substrate size
MAX equivalent to G5 glass
DC planar type, AC planar type
Fully automatic(vent・transfer・heat up・evaporate)


  • OLED display
  • Electronic parts
  • Thin film solar cell
  • Building material
  • Others

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