Historical Highlights

Foundation – 1990's

Nagaoka Precision Co., Ltd.
Tsugami Robotics Co., Ltd.
UPR Co., Ltd.
Company logo of Tokki Corporation
OLED Research & Development System – Try-ELVESS
OLED Small to Medium Volume Production System – Small-ELVESS
OLED Mass Production System – System-ELVESS
July 1967
Tsugami Specialty Machine Co., Ltd. was established by Kenichi Tsugami in Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, with capitalization of \1 million, and began selling machine tools and automation systems.
July 1972
Nagaoka Precision Co., Ltd. was established in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and began designing and producing FA systems, peripheral equipment, and production tools.
April 1982
Tsugami Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, becoming Japan's first authorized robot engineering company.
July 1983
Tsugami Specialty Machine acquired an equity stake in UPR Co., Ltd., a vacuum process equipment manufacturer, thereby entering the new field of vacuum thin-film deposition system.
January 1986
Tsugami Specialty Machine, Nagaoka Precision, Tsugami Robotics, and UPR merged to form the new company Tokki Corporation, Ltd., with the aim of expanding business in FA systems and vacuum thin film deposition equipment.
January 1991
Tokki received approval from the Japan Securities Dealers Association to register its shares on Japan's over-the-counter market.
August 1993
Tokki completed its experimental equipment for the manufacture of organic LED (OLED).
May 1996
Tokki completed its OLED equipment for production (small to medium volume).
June 1999
Tokki developed ELVESS, a fully automated OLED manufacturing system for mass production, and began selling ELVESS as a core product in its new business of products applying vacuum technologies.

2000 – 2006

Mitsuke Factory (Current head office and Mitsuke Plant)
February 2001
Tokki developed and started selling Small-ELVESS-C, a trial/small-lot manufacturing system for full-color organic EL devices, and pursued further practical development of such devices.
May 2001
Tokki entered an agreement with U.K.-based Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) covering the joint development of mass production technologies for polymer LED devices, and pursued further practical development of such equipment.
December 2001
Tokki purchased the Niigata Factory from Niigata Keiso Co., Ltd., in order to expand its production capacity and shorten delivery times for OLED manufacturing equipment.
September 2002
Paid-in capital was increased to \2.042 billion through a public offering (1.2 million shares).
November 2002
Tokki established Tsutoku Specialty Machine Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with an equity holding of 30%.
April 2003
Tokki completed the Mitsuke Factory in the Niigata Chubu Industrial Park in Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture.
December 2003
Construction of the R&D Center, which is aimed at further strengthening Tokki's new technology development, was completed adjacent to the Mitsuke Factory.
December 2003
Paid-in capital was increased to \2.8612 billion through a public offering (800,000 shares).
January 2004
Tokki spun off its FA system and machine tool sales operations by forming the consolidated subsidiary Tokki Industries Co., Ltd.
June 2004
Tokki Industries raised its equity holding in Tokki Technica Co., Ltd. to 100%, thereby making it a wholly owned subsidiary and the group's core company in the field of FA system outsourcing.
December 2004
Tokki canceled its registration on the Japan Securities Dealers Association and was listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
November 2005
Tokki reduced its capital stock to \2.5 billion.
May 2006
Tokki Industries established its subsidiary Tokki Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a sales and service base for the Southeast Asian region.

2007 – Now

ISO 14001
Horizontal Inline-Type Sputtering Equipment SPL-H Series
Hiratsuka Plant
Company logo of Canon Tokki
January 2007
The Mitsuke Factory was awarded the ISO 14001 international certification for its environmental management system.
January 2007
Tokki Corporation and GE Global Research Center entered into a partnership agreement to collaborate in joint development and marketing of PE-CVD film encapsulation technology and equipment for manufacturing OLED displays and organic electronics products.
April 2007
Paid-in capital was increased to \3.13754 billion through the issuance of share warrants and new shares for Merrill Lynch Japan Securities.
June 2007
Paid-in capital was increased to \3.61194 billion through the allocation of new shares to a third party for the London branch of Deutsche Bank.
December 2007
The capital and business alliance with Canon Inc. was completed, making Tokki a member of the Canon Group.
February 2008
Tokki completed its sputtering equipment for compound thin-film photovoltaic cells.
March 2008
Tokki entered into a joint research and development contract with Mitsubishi Corporation and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in the area of organic thin-film photovoltaic cells.
September 2009
Tokki has changed its account month from June to December.
December 2009
Head office of Tokki relocated from Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Mitsuke-shi, Niigata.
February 2010
Tokki transferred all stocks of Tokki Industries to Marubeni Corporation and other.
June 2010
Tokki developed sputtering equipment SPL-H-G5.
October 2010
Tokki became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon Inc. by corporate equity swap.
April 2011
Hiratsuka Plant opened.
July 2011
Cheonan office of Korea Service Station opened.
January 2012
Tokki changed its company name to Canon Tokki Corporation.
June 2015
Canon Tokki developed a new sputtering system "RR system" for electronic devices.