Procurement of Materials

A Pledge to Our Clients

Canon Tokki markets vacuum-related products worldwide, with the OLED display mass production system as our flagship product.
In our procurement activities, we will not only adhere to Japan's social standards, but also those of our suppliers, actively engage in initiatives for fulfilling our social responsibilities, such as environmental protection, build good relationships with our business partners, and use this relationship of trust to enable mutual prosperity.

Canon Group's Procurement Policy

Following its corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon aims, as a truly global company, to contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of the world by developing, manufacturing and marketing useful products, raising profits, and achieving sound corporate growth and development.
Canon Tokki will, as a member company of Canon Group, procure goods in accordance with Canon's Procurement Policy.

The Procurement Division adopts a global perspective in purchasing quality, appropriately priced merchandise in a timely manner. This facilitates improvements in product quality and reductions in prices, and positions us to work with our suppliers to meet customer needs.

  1. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the corporate ethics, and operate in a manner that is protective of the environment.
  2. We are open to any and all suppliers, and promote fair and free competition in accordance with the principle of faith and trust.
  3. We improve manufacturing by mutual growth with excellent and reliable suppliers, which are selected through a fair evaluation process.

How to become a supplier

Supplier application

To become a supplier, first make sure you understand our business details, and then visit our Contact Us page to submit your application. Be sure to introduce your products so that their advantages in terms of standards, quality, delivery time, and price are evident.

Procedure of becoming a supplier

The following are necessary to become a supplier.

  • Corporate profile and corporate history documentation
  • Conclusion of basic transaction agreement
  • Bank transfer account statement
  • Other documentation


Your application will be evaluated based on submitted documents and our evaluation standards.