Manufacturing reliable products

We actively improve our techniques and skills to manufacture supremely reliable products for our customers, constantly pursuing the best technologies.
We have a complete support system in place, to help maintain the high level of quality of delivered equipment. For customers outside of Japan, the Canon Group's network is utilized to quickly troubleshoot issues and take appropriate actions.

Continuously seeking and providing levels of quality that ensures "customer delight"

We continuously provide high quality and high performance products with solid support systems that ensure customer delight. Our equipment will operate for a long time after delivery. Therefore, we have spare parts available in Japan and overseas for our engineers to perform regular inspections and repair/replace consumable parts.

Always seeking to improve feature

We seek to a feature improvement of customer's equipment. Therefore, we accept requests to upgrade our equipment even after delivery. Advances in technology may allow us, in some cases, to provide features that were not possible when the products were initially delivered. Relevant departments will work together to propose the best solutions depend on the customer's needs, so that our clients can enhance the feature of their equipment.

Contact Us

For queries related to after-sales services, use the phone or fax number described below or go to the Contact Us page. Please note that it may take some time for us to respond, depending on the type of inquiries.

10-1 Shinko-cho, Mitsuke-shi, Niigata 954-0076 Japan
CS Promotion Department, Canon Tokki Corporation