Our Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Since its foundation, the Canon Tokki has taken on new challenges amid constantly changing times and continuously evolved by reinventing itself with these changing times. This was possible because of the commitment of our management to follow our corporate philosophy. In light of the next era and changes in the business environment, the corporate philosophy was revised on the anniversary of the company's founding in 2013, combining our original corporate philosophy established at the company's founding with the corporate philosophy of the Canon Group.

Our corporate philosophy is based on kyosei, the Canon Group’s corporate philosophy, and the Spirit of San-Ji (the Three Selfs — self-motivation, self-management, and self-awareness), Canon’s guiding principles. These are supported by our Corporate Mission (our business objectives and mission), Vision (target corporate vision (direction) and road map), and Values and Guiding Principles (our values and commitments that each of us cherishes for the implementation of our Corporate Mission and Vision), to form the top concepts to be followed in our business activities.
Each of us is seeking to understand our Corporate Philosophy and implement it through our actions.

Our corporate philosophy, stated below, is based on kyosei,
the Canon Group’s corporate philosophy, and the Spirit of San-Ji (the Three Selfs — self-motivation, self-management, and self-awareness),
Canon’s guiding principles.

Corporate Mission

To contribute to a more abundant society by continually providing "special value" with superior, cutting-edge proprietary technology

Our corporate mission is based on the enterprising mindset symbolized in the company name; the “tokki” of Canon Tokki is short for "special equipment" in Japanese.

Since its foundation, the company has taken on new challenges amid constantly changing times and pursued special value for our customers. Canon Tokki has aimed to build a more abundant society through industrial development by providing
special value in the form of manufacturing systems and related services with sophisticated, cutting-edge proprietary technologies that help raise productivity at manufacturing sites.
Canon Tokki will, as a Canon Group company, continue to strive to fulfill our corporate mission, with a priority on compliance and high ethical standards, and contribute to the realization of a more abundant society as well as endeavor to attain lasting growth and prosperity for the company and all our employees.


A leading company in the manufacturing equipment field
Continuing to be your best, most-trusted, most-supported partner

We aim to be a leading, continuously growing company in the manufacturing equipment field as your best, most-trusted, and most-supported partner for our customers and all our other stakeholders who sustain the company and generate new value with us, by continually providing innovative, high-added-value products that delight customers around the world together with the world's best technology and quality and our consummate service system.

Values and Guiding Principles

Activeness & Enterprise

We actively take on new challenges that come with constantly changing times.
  • We, with passion and courage, anticipate and tackle challenges, unforeseen issues and problems brought on by the constantly changing times.
  • We also reinvent ourselves in keeping with the times and continue to evolve and expand.

Originality & Innovation

We improve the quality of our work by continually generating new ideas with a pioneering and innovative mentality.
  • We persevere in our effort to refine our techniques and skills used in our roles with the intention of pursuing the ultimate technologies.
  • Through pioneering and innovative approaches, we are continually improving the quality of our work with new ideas and concepts.

Integrity & Determination

We continually hold ourselves to high ethical standards, perform our work with integrity, and devote ourselves to self-development.
  • We stress corporate dignity, continually maintain high ethical standards and decency, and behave with fairness and probity.
  • We work with integrity and build relationships of trust with all people related to the company.
  • Moreover, we are devoted to raising our personal qualities and work capabilities through self-development and strive to grow as individuals.

Cooperation & Prosperity

We, working from the wa no kokoro concept, always pool our wisdom to enable the company’s unbounded growth and to build abundant lives.
  • With a spirit of respect for humanity, we pay regard to the dignity and different values of individuals.
  • Starting from the concept of wa no kokoro,* we pool our collective wisdom and strengths through teamwork.
  • We strive to make the company’s business boundlessly prosper, and to build affluent livelihoods and fulfilling lives, both spiritually and materially.
    *Wa no kokoro means the spirit of fellowship and harmony that enables people cooperate through mutual respect.