OLED: Small to Medium Volume Production System
Small to Medium Volume Production System – Small-ELVESS
Equipment for Small & Medium Volume Production

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Equipment name: Small-ELVESS


This equipment is ideal for basic R&D and small-volume production of OLED displays. All processes, from O2 plasma cleaning to deposition and encapsulation, are performed in a single system. It is possible to create high-performance OLED devices because there is no contact with the atmosphere. Highly reproducible processing makes efficient device process development possible, all the way up to the transition to mass production.

Typical specifications

Glass substrate
200 x 200mm, with an effective deposition area of 160 x 160mm
Load lock chamber
One substrate and two masks in a three-stage elevation mechanism
Plasma cleaning chamber
RF plasma power supply, O2 mass flow controller
Deposition chamber #1
Low-temperature cell evaporation source (8 pieces), alignment mechanism ± 5μm
Deposition chamber #2
Low-resistance heating evaporation source (4 pieces), alignment mechanism ± 5μm
Delivery chamber
Glass substrate delivery mechanism, N2 substitution
Encapsulation chamber
Semi-automatic laminating mechanism, UV lamp unit, N2 dehydration and circulation mechanism, N2 substitution mechanism
Passage chamber
Exhaust: Fully automatic
Deposition: Semi-automatic operation
Encapsulation: Semi-automatic operation
Control system
Substrate delivery: Semi-automatic operation with film thickness control through crystal deposition control
Addition of deposition chamber or sputter chamber
Electron beam gun evaporation source, high-temperature cell, oxygen meter, dry pump