Small to Medium Volume Production System – Small-ELVESS
Equipment for Small & Medium Volume Production

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  • The optimized equipment for basic R&D and small-volume production of OLED displays.
  • All process from O2 plasma cleaning to deposition, encapsulation, are all performed in a single system, enables to fabricate the high-performance OLED device without touching the atmosphere.
  • This equipment enables panel development for mass production efficiently by high repeatability demo tool.

Typical specifications

Glass substrate
200 x 200mm, with an effective deposition area of 160 x 160mm
Load lock chamber
One substrate and two masks in a three-stage elevation mechanism
Plasma cleaning chamber
RF plasma power supply, O2 mass flow controller
Deposition chamber #1
Low-temperature cell evaporation source (8 pieces), alignment mechanism ± 5μm
Deposition chamber #2
Low-resistance heating evaporation source (4 pieces), alignment mechanism ± 5μm
Delivery chamber
Glass substrate delivery mechanism, N2 substitution
Encapsulation chamber
Semi-automatic laminating mechanism, UV lamp unit, N2 dehydration and circulation mechanism, N2 substitution mechanism
Passage chamber
Exhaust: Fully automatic
Deposition: Semi-automatic operation
Encapsulation: Semi-automatic operation
Control system
Substrate delivery: Semi-automatic operation with film thickness control through crystal deposition control
Addition of deposition chamber or sputter chamber
Electron beam gun evaporation source, high-temperature cell, oxygen meter, dry pump


  • OLED display panel(high-mix low-volume production)
  • Organic photovoltaic cell
  • Organic semiconductor

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