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*1 A cookie is a technology used to make frequent visits to websites more convenient, by storing users' browser ID information in users' computer devices (including mobile, tablet, and other devices) when users visit websites.
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  1. Before linking to Canon Tokki's website (including the display of Canon Tokki's website URL in magazines, books, and other publications), please contact the Canon Tokki's Business Promotion Department by using the Contact Us inquiry form.
  2. If significant changes are to be made to the content of a website linking to Canon Tokki's website, please notify the Canon Tokki's Business Promotion Department with the Contact Us inquiry form.
    When linking to Canon Tokki's website, please set the link to the Canon Tokki's website (https://tokki.canon/index.html).
  3. Links from the following, or from sites that may become the following, are not permitted:
    • Sites that libel or defame Canon Tokki or affiliated companies, or executives or employees of the same
    • Sites that harm Canon Tokki's good name or character, such as sites that are offensive to public order or morality
    • Frame links and other such links that reduce the clarity of Canon Tokki's website
    • Links that may cause the misconception that the site owner has some kind of affiliation or partnership with Canon Tokki, or that Canon Tokki acknowledges or supports the linking site in some way
    • Any other links Canon Tokki determines to be inappropriate
  4. If there is a link that article 3 above applies, Canon Tokki may request a deletion of the link, even after previously giving permission.
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