OLED Mass Production System – System-ELVESS
Mass production system that supports Gen6 half substrate size

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  • For mass production
  • Organic material and cathode metal material evaporation technology, fully-automated transfer technology by using high-accuracy robot technology, high-precision alignment technology which is critical for the high- definition pixels, this fully automated mass production system is merged by all the technologies our company accumulated since our foundation and keeps top market share in the world.
  • Option:For inline type,For wafer substrate

Typical specifications

Glass substrate
Gen6 half substrate size
TFT patterned glass substrates
10-5 Pa level
Organic material: Heater-controlled evaporation point source, thickness uniformity: ±5%
Metal material: Heater-controlled evaporation point source, thickness uniformity: ±7%
Automated operation by controlling transport, exhaust, deposition, and encapsulation conditions based on computer and sequencer settings.
Mask alignment
Positioning of glass substrates and metal masks aligned to within ±3 μm.


  • OLED display panel(smart phone, OLED TV, Automotive, VR)
  • Organic photovoltaic cell

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