Future of OLED

Potential of OLED

Using OLED displays for smartphones, TVs, and many other devices that we are familiar with is now a rapid trend, closing in fast on LCD panels that has a major market share in the display market. There are also efforts to meet the needs of a wide variety of users and further enhance the added value of displays, including making the displays larger with higher resolution and flexible for a better design. The future is bright and there are vibrancy and momentum in the OLED display industry.

Utilizing OLED's Features in Development of Devices

OLED's features—with a high degree of freedom in shape with thin and light panels—are being used to make numerous innovative devices that were considered inconceivable in the past. Some examples are foldable smartphones and rollable TVs. We are also expecting the OLED to be used more expansively in VR headsets and smart glasses, which require high video responsiveness, and automobiles that can make the most of its design capabilities. The OLED is sure to become more popular in many ways and be used more in our daily lives.